Welcome to No Risk No Life !
On the 11th of May 08, rode into the big city of Buenos Aires...   the so called 'final destination' of my Dream Moto- Trip riding from Pole to Pole and a bit more.. Never  expected that the 78.000km through pampas, mountains, jungles, cities and isolated deserts et. would be such an incredible experience..

Thanks to all the people I have met on the way and to those who became close friends, this trip has become a true rewarding part of my life !

Impossible to summarize the trip in a few paragraphs.. but for sure feels great to have met so many amazing people along the 16 countries of the journey and to have seen incredible nature along the way.. Avoiding expectations & guidebooks and having an open-mind and clear target to ultimately finish in B-A... were useful ingredients for this wonderful journey. Learned that a motorbike is more then just a way of transport, it gets you in touch with the 'outdoors' and 'people' right away.. 

Many experiences and adventures on the way took place for the good and for the bad, but the crazy difficult ones are the ones you remember the most and give you energy to go on and makes you reward the good times.

The moto-trip was also a 'vehicle' so to speak for realizing other dream-missions.. Learning to fly (single engine) land and sea-planes and living in the jungle/ bush-village for 4 months in Brazil in search for the ever elusive black jaguar, were true boy's dreams come true.

Unfortunately I did not succeed in the project to convert a large piece of jungle-land into a 'protected reserve' as I learned it is impossible to execute such a project successfully on a small scale.. due to bureaucracy but more important the need of a small army to keep illegal hunters,fishers,arsonists out of bay.. Instead I volunteered to co-finance and assist few small business ventures in Brazil. These are up-and-running now and are doing even better than the enthusiastic owners had projected.

As I had hoped for, this journey has enabled me to understand much more about the Americas in All its aspects …and got reassurance that indeed there is No Life without taking Risks :) 

                                                 Thanks again for being part of my journey !

                                                 All the best and hope our paths cross again!